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Below you can see the songs heard on our station over the last 6 months
POLI PANOU (394 times)
ELIAS POLITIS (333 times)
YANNIS PARIOS (237 times)
STELIOS ROKKOS (236 times)
VERTIS NIKOS (231 times)
Our Producers:
Our Producers:
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN - with Yanni Maheras...
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN a show of Ellinikosfm.com of favorite island songs with Yanni Maheras , every ...
WITHOUT LIMITS - with Stergios Floratos...
Ζωντανή συνδεσή απο την Αμερική!!! Μαζί σας καθε Δευτἐρα  2 – 5 το απόγευμα ωρα Νέας Υόρκ...
Ηλίας Πολίτης ...
 Ηλίας Πολίτης Τραγουδοποιος και δημοσιογράφος μαζί μας κάθε Σάββατο 20:00 – 22:00 το βρά...
Georgia Theocharidou << Aroma of Greece >>...
Georgia Theocharidou born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece had verΥ much love for music an...
Αγγελικη Καμπακη...
Αν Χαίρεσαι,αν αγαπάς και αν πονάς,αν χρειάζεσαι,αν νοσταλγείς και αναζητάς,αν Θυμάσαι και αν ξεχνάς...
Άννα Μπεζιάνη *Ταξίδι στο Ονειρο μας* ...
Είμαι η Άννα Μπεζιάνη ζω Γερμανία σε μια πολύ κρύα χώρα κατά τη γνώμη μου κρύα σε πολλές απόψεις όχι...
Dj Sakis Bousdounis “ENERGY MIX”...
Ο Dj Sakis Bousdounis (Σάκης Μπουσδούνης) γεννήθηκε στο Αγρίνιο . Η πρώτη του επαφή με την μουσική κ...
Dj Bardopoulos (Θάνος Μπαρδόπουλος) γεννήθηκε στις 13 Σεπτεμβρίου 1979 στο νησί της Ρόδου όπου ζει μ...
DJ MIKIO1988 ...
DJ MIKIO1988 Ονομάζομαι Αγγελική Σ. το καλλιτεχνικό μου όνομα προήρθε μέσα από την μεγάλη μου αγάπη ...
DJ Andreas Spathis...
Ξεκίνησε από 12 χρονών με τη μουσική και δεν είναι άλλος από τον DJ ANDREA. Κατά την πορεία του αυτή...
"Music Blender" with Giovanna Basta...
They say the young man is nice, but the old one is different.   That's how I thought and a ...
Despina Pantelidou ...
Despina Pantelidou graduate psychologist and lyricist welcomes us to ellinikos fm frequency of the a...

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Agenda of the day:
Thursday, December 13, 2018
† Ευστρατίου, Αυξεντίου, Ευγενίου, Μαγδαρίου και Ορέστου μαρ., Λουκίας μάρτ., Γαβριήλ ιερομάρτ.
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• News from Greece
• News arround the World
• Michael Spavor: Second Canadian 'missing' in China
Canada says it has not heard from Michael Spavor since he said he was being questioned by officials.
• UK PM to join EU summit after surviving vote
The prime minister is returning to Brussels to seek new assurances from the EU over the Irish backstop.
• Brexit battles: How Theresa May keeps fighting on
It's been a struggle that's lasted two years – but for now the PM's fighting talk means she's kept her job.
• Why Brazil same-sex couples are rushing to tie the knot
Some people fear the country's president-elect will challenge the right to same-sex marriage.
• California man freed after two days trapped in restaurant grease vent
Fire crews free the 29-year-old from a small duct at a vacant Chinese restaurant in California.
• Michael Cohen blames Trump's 'dirty deeds' as he is jailed
The disgraced lawyer says the US president made him "follow a path of darkness rather than light".
• North and South Korea soldiers cross DMZ in peace
The historic exchanges were part of moves to dismantle guard posts on the heavily guarded border.
• Vahid Sayadi Nasiri: Jailed Iran activist dies on hunger strike
Jailed for his posts on social media, Vahid Sayadi Nasiri protested against his conditions in prison.
• Strasbourg shooting: Police appeal to find Chérif Chekatt
They name Chérif Chekatt, 29, as the man suspected of opening fire in the French city, killing two.
• Maduro accuses US of plotting to kill him
The Venezuelan leader alleges that National Security Adviser John Bolton is leading the coup plot.
• 'Every day I go to work and pray I'm safe'
Hotel room cleaners have long battled sexual harassment by guests. Now they are hitting back.
• Parker Solar Probe: Sun-skimming mission starts calling home
Having become the closest-ever human-made object to our star, the Parker spacecraft returns returns its first data
• Sit-down meals 'less healthy than fast-food'
Only one in 10 meals was classed as healthy which is a cause for concern, say researchers.
• Kenyan model: 'I won't wear make-up to hide my scars'
Claudiah Wanjiru says that after a difficult journey her scars have made her beautiful.
• Robot turns out to be man in suit
A robot has featured on Russian TV but turns out to be a man in a suit.
• In pictures: Ethiopians drum for unity
Ethiopia brings together the more than 80 national or ethnic groups that live in the country in a celebration of diversity.
• The India girl who took her dad to the police over a toilet
The Indian girl accused her father of "cheating" because he broke his promise to build her a toilet.
• Could light bring us superfast mobile broadband indoors?
Superfast 5G mobile connectivity may not be able to reach inside buildings. Could light help?
• Rodents in Colombia senate send lawmakers scurrying
The animals were thrown onto the senate floor from the visitors' gallery as a protest.
• Chocolate meltdown closes German road
Some 25 firefighters were called in after a tank of liquid chocolate poured out into a street.
• Samples cut around Soyuz hole in spacewalk
Cosmonauts have cut samples from around a hole, which Moscow says may have been caused by a drill.
• Refugee: 'I am not a people smuggler’
A Syrian refugee who saved 18 people has been released from a Greek prison, after being accused of people trafficking.
• Trump Russia affair: Key questions answered
Get your head around the sprawling saga of alleged collusion between the Trump team and Moscow.
• Face to face with the Strasbourg gunman
Eyewitnesses to the shooting in a Strasbourg Christmas market share their stories.
• Maria Butina: Russian gun activist held in US conspiracy case
Maria Butina, who has ties to a Russian banker, is expected to plead guilty in a plea deal.
• Underwater museum brings hope to Lake Titicaca
The underwater museum will showcase archaeological sites found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca.
• 'If the factory closes what could I afford to eat?'
As the EU threatens to end Cambodia's tariff-free status, textile workers fear it could lead to factory closures and job losses.
• Yemen war: Billions in aid, but where's it going?
Peace talks in Sweden aim at ending nearly four years of civil war.
• Huawei: The life of Chinese tech heiress Meng Wanzhou
Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada for allegedly breaking US sanctions against Iran.
• The Germans solving rising rents with people power
Living in gentrified areas of Munich is getting pricey - but these renters say they have the answer.
• Man Utd finish second in group after limp Valencia defeat
Manchester United fall to a Champions League defeat in Valencia as a Phil Jones own goal follows a glaring miss by Paul Pogba.
• Sane double helps Man City beat Hoffenheim and top group
Manchester City's qualification for the Champions League last 16 was an "incredible success", says manager Pep Guardiola.
• Football must unite to stamp out the 'ugly' spectre of racism - West Brom boss Darren Moore
West Brom boss Darren Moore is calling on football to unite to stamp out the "ugly" spectre of racism.
• 'Jiffy-bag doctor' Freeman pulls out of Varnish tribunal
The doctor involved in cycling's jiffy-bag scandal has pulled out of giving evidence to Jess Varnish's employment tribunal on legal grounds.
• Watch: England into World Cup semi-finals after five-goal thriller
England make it through to the semi-finals of the Hockey World Cup after a thrilling 3-2 win over Argentina in the quarter-finals in India.
• Celtic's Griffiths faces spell out to seek help for 'ongoing issues'
Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths will be "out of football for a little period of time" as he receives help with "ongoing issues", including some relating to his mental health.
• Triple child murders: The lodger who destroyed a family
David McGreavy murdered and mutilated three young children 45 years ago, a crime that remains as shocking as it was inexplicable.
• I helped send my adoptive father to jail for 5,000 years
Thirty-six years after surviving a massacre, Ramiro Osorio Cristales testified last month against one of the killers - the man who raised him.
Source: news.google.com Source: bbc.co.uk